The BRC comprises a cryopreservation unit that currently hosts more than 6000 Leishmania strains. The associated data for each strain is managed with the BRC-Lims software.

Cryogenic safety

The room of the cryobank consists in a storage room for containers (one Espace 351, one Espace 151, two LO 2200, five Arpege140 and six GT40) and a technical sas for manipulations and safety. The floor of the storage room is equipped with grating allowing the staff to move around safely. The separation door is equipped with an oculus for monitoring the operator in the room. The premises are equipped with sensors measuring the oxygen level, with an alarm connected to the CHU security center. At the entrance to the cryobank is an isolated person assistance device (DAPI) and an emergency response kit for anoxia cases, including an OXALAIR hood and a medical oxygen cylinder equipped with a mask. In case of emergency, an outdoor equipped with a panic bar allows immediate exit.

Pictograms, sheets recalling the safety instructions and preventive measures related to the use of liquid nitrogen are displayed in the room.

The cryobank access is restricted to authorized personnel who have completed training about safety and risk related to the use of liquid nitrogen. An isolated worker is forbidden outside the opening hours of the laboratory.