Since January 1999, in vitro Leishmania cultivation is realized at the CRB in P2 or P3 facilities.

Usually, Leishmania are isolated from biological samples on Novy, Mc Neal and Nicolle (NNN) medium supplemented with saline. For cultures from cryopreserved strains, cultivation is carried out in liquid axenic media like SDM, RPMI, or Schneider, enriched with 10-20% fetal calf serum.

Suggestions for strain cultivation upon receipt

The strains are sent on NNN medium (semi-solid medium). Please transfer the three-quarters of the supernatant of the NNN medium to the culture medium used in your laboratory. Add a few drops of physiological saline in the NNN tube received in order to maintain the initial strain in culture. Keep all culture tubes at 24-27°C.
Strains can be frozen and stored preferably in liquid nitrogen. Strains are stable in the long term only at temperatures below -130 ° C.