The BRC Leishmania catalog is also available online at :

It is not exhaustive. Please do not hesitate to contact a biologist in charge of the collection (see below).

Fee schedule of the services provided by the BRC-Leishmania

Sample Sample type Number of strains Public cost in € (not including taxes or management fees)
Leishmania strains Within the frame of a scientific collaboration
Leishmania strains 1 50 €
Without a scientific collaboration
Leishmania strains 1-3 250 € /strain
Leishmania strains 4-9 200 €/strain
Leishmania strains 10-30 150 €/strain
Leishmania strains > 30 Contact the BRC
Leishmania strain-derived products Within the frame of a scientific collaboration
Leishmania DNA <2 µg 110 €
Without a scientific collaboration
Leishmania DNA <2µg 220 €


How to order one or more strains ?

The cession of one or more strains by the BRC-Leishmania is possible after sending and acceptance of a Research Collaboration Agreement RCA or Material Transfer Agreement MTA). For requesting strain(s), please follow the steps below:

1 – Contact a Biologist in charge of the collection

Pr P. Bastien: Email

Pr L. Lachaud: Email

Dr C. Ravel: Email

2 – The Biologist contacted will be your correspondent; he/she will ask you some information about the research project involving Leishmania strains:

  • The nature and number of strains required,
  • The data associated with the samples needed for research,
  • A short description of the research project,
  • The financial conditions, depending on the eligibility to an RCA or MTA.

3 – The signature of the RCA or MTA constitutes a contract stipulating the obligations of stakeholders identified.

4 – The BRC-Leishmania requests the authorization of the Depositor of the strain(s) and the Scientific Council of the BRC, except if the user is the same person as the Depositor. Taking into account any embargo period clearly mentioned in the strain deposit record of the BRC engaging stakeholders, the BRC-Leishmania Operational Manager is in charge for authorizing the release of the strains.

5 – The BRC Leishmania then sends the strains and associated data to the User.

NB : The transport of the strain(s) is under the responsibility of the BRC-Leishmania, and is performed by a specialized and certified company. However, the BRC does not pay for the transport, which must be paid by the User.

Terms of availability


Appropriate safety precautions for this type of biological material should be used. Consult the WHO “Laboratory biosafety manual” or the CDC “Biosafety in microbial and biomedical laboratories” manual for more information.

BRC-Leishmania services warranty

The viability of the Leishmania strain(s) provided is warranted for 7 days from the date of shipment, only if the strain(s) is/are stored and cultured according to the information included on the product information sheet enclosed in the package. BRC-Leishmania lists the media formulation that has been found to be effective for the strain(s) shipped (see Culture Unit or specifications enclosed in the shipment). While other, unspecified media may also produce satisfactory results, a change in media may affect recovery, growth and/or function of the strain(s). If an alternative medium formulation is used, the BRC-Leishmania warranty for viability is no longer valid.


The strain(s) is/are intended for laboratory research purposes only and not intended for use in humans.

While BRC- Leishmania has made and makes every effort to ensure the authenticity of the strains and to include accurate and up-to-date information on the product sheet, it cannot absolutely guarantee its accuracy. Citations from scientific literature and patents are provided for informational purposes only. BRC Leishmania cannot warrant that such information has been confirmed to be accurate.

The biological material is sent with the condition that the User is responsible for its safe storage, handling, and use. BRC Leishmania is not liable for any damages or injuries arising from receipt and/or use of the strains.

Please see the Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) or the Research Collaboration Agreement for further details regarding the use of the biological material.