To deposit one or more strains of Leishmania, please follow these steps:

1 – Contact a Biologist in charge of the collection

Pr P. Bastien:  Email

Dr L. Lachaud:  Email

Dr C. Ravel:  Email

2 – The Biologist contacted will be your unique correspondent and it will give you two forms constituting the record setting collection:

  • The EN-PR-04-01 completed with epidemiological data associated with the samples deposited (one sheet per strain),
  • The EN-PR-06-01 signed, specifying the fate of the collection (booking period samples, without delay inclusion in the BRC public catalog, provision with permission),

3 – Complete and return the forms to the biologist in charge by email (preferred) or by mail.

4 – The BRC Leishmania Scientific Council, responsible for approving the project, will review the record setting collection. The biologist in charge of the case will send you a decision within a maximum period of one month after receipt of the forms.

5 – The biologist in charge of the case will give you the packaging and transportation instructions.

NB : The transport of the strains from outside is under the responsibility of the Depositor. It must be performed by a company approved for the carriage of strains of Category B (UN3373).