The BRC-Leishmania accepts any Leishmania strainin view of its being incorporated in the Collection, provided a minimal amount of information is provided (year/date of isolation of the strain, country/place of contamination, code given by the To deposit one or more strains of Leishmania, please follow these steps:

1 – Contact a Biologist in charge of the collection

Pr P. Bastien:  Email

Dr L. Lachaud:  Email

Dr C. Ravel:  Email

2 – The Biologist contacted will be your sole correspondent and will send you two forms to fill in, constituting the basic record files for the collection:

  • The EN-PR-04-01 to be completed with epidemiological data associated with the samples deposited (one sheet per strain),
  • The EN-PR-06-01 to be signed, where you must specify the fate of your strain in the collection (’embargo’ period, or immediate inclusion in the BRC public catalog, or cession subject to permission of the depositor),

3 – Complete and return the forms to the biologist in charge by email (preferred) or by mail.

4 – The BRC Leishmania Scientific Council, responsible for approving the project, will review the record files and validate the request within a maximum period of one month after receipt of the forms

5 – The biologist in charge of the case will give you the packaging and transportation instructions (see Transport & Regulations). The BRC will pay take care of the shipment. However, the shipment of strains coming from outside the BRC remains under the responsibility of the Depositor until arrival. It must be performed by a company approved for, and in accordance with the regulations of, the shipment of strains of Category B (class 6.2, UN3373).